New cleft cases arrive in our center

17 August 2021

In collaboration with local partners, CCA has already been able to provide assistance to 35 children with disabilities in CoRSU hospital. And the group of children continues to grow. Last week, another 5 mothers with children with cleft lip and palate arrived at our center in Kaabong.

Isaac was shot by a warrior

16 August 2021

The Karamoja region was the battleground between different tribes for many years. The struggle for land and livestock still regularly causes casualties, even after the disarmament in 2009. Last weekend, an innocent 13-year-old boy was shot. Isaac is an orphan and was working in someone’s shop at the time of the shooting. He was hit in the upper arm and luckily survived this incident. He was taken to hospital in Kaabong by his aunt. There the boy told his story to our social worker Judith. CCA immediately took action.

Moses lives with a foster family

12 August 2021

Moses is a sweet and thoughtful boy of 17 years old. He is the eleventh and last child of his mother, who worked for many years as a teacher at a primary school in Kenya. Moses was born with a disability. But his disability has never stopped him from wanting to participate in everything and working hard in school. Moses is driven and gets very good grades.

Jackline scores on primary school final test

30 July 2021

The impact of corona on education in Uganda is huge. Pupils from the last class of primary school were able to take their exams, but with far fewer lessons and preparation. All the more impressive that Jackline, sponsored by CCA, has successfully completed primary school! Jackline is the only CCA student to graduate from primary school this year.

Corona emergency relief for students in Kaabong

29 July 2021

In Uganda, schools were almost completely closed from March 2020 to March 2021. Some classes were allowed to start slowly again in March 2021. On June 7th, all students would be back at school; but unfortunately… on June 6th, when all the students had just been gathered, they had to go home again. Very sad… The lockdown has increased poverty; the markets are closed and there is little economic activity. The second lockdown has hit hard.